Weight Training

Weight Training is used to build and strength Training  and muscle mass. Gym in Pimpri chinchwad Our K11 qualified instructors help you to vary the pace, the intensity and the range of exercises so that you are always challenged and motivated. Our unique system of Exercise Cards guide you further. The Exercise Cards are at different levels. Based on what level you are at, your instructor will hand over the right level’s Exercise Card to you. Weight training also needs proper nutrition and our qualified nutritionist is on hand to help you on the same.


Cardio is as important as Weight Training in attaining your fitness goals. It helps you in increasing your stamina and endurance and at the same time ensures an all round healthy you. Cardio contributes to a healthy heart that in turn allows you to do more work without putting strain on your heart. Acronym Fitness has different equipments for Cardio. Treadmills, Steppers as well as Spinning machines provide enough options for your Cardio choices. The treadmill machines are the latest generation ones that force you to workout more while lessening the risk of injury. All these machines are in a section of their own and give you a chance to do cardio in groups too!

Personal Training

The whole fitness journey can be confusing. However, you can get personalised attention, fitness plans and nutritionist consultation by opting for Personal Training by our K11 certified trainers. Based on your availability and current fitness level, the trainers will customise all the necessary plans and come up fitness goals for you. You can even avail of free trail from the Personal Training before committing for the same. We also guarantee that during your Personal Training time, the trainer will be 100% focussed on you.

fat loss or weight gain

Sometimes, there is a specific need for a fat loss or a fat gain program. These are short term and high impact programs that guarantee the fat loss or fat gain goal you have in mind. Provided you bring your determination and time to us, we will ensure that you meet your goal. These programs combine the best of our Personal Trainers and Nutritionist to ensure you are satisfied at the end of this program.